At Rigen Biotech, you will obtain a full-skill training. If you participated us, you will find that it is not only a job, but help to build yourself a fantastic career. 

A challenging and rewarding career

In Rigen Biotech, you will work with full of fun and challenges. In the process of constantly accepting challenges and transcending oneself, personal professional skills, core qualities and leadership will be developed. We will not only provide you a challenging career, but also support you to meet the challenges. This support comes from your supervisor, your team and up to the corporate senior manager. Every time you complete the work excellently, we will give the full recognition and affirmation.

Broad space for development

In Rigen Biotech, everyone can choose the transverse or longitudinal development according to own situation. You can be a integrated management talent in the various business or functional departments , and can be a senior expert in certain area. The two kinds of talent are very valuable and indispensable for us.

Personal development planning

In Rigen Biotech, personal development plan is a very important means to make self-improvement. It gives you the opportunity to plan, discuss and review personal development with your supervisors regularly and to gain the skills, knowledge and experience. These are not only to meet the needs of the current job, but also to prepare for the next step of career, ultimately to achieve personal career goals.

Training plan

We provide various training of basic skills, core skills and professional skills. We also provide leadership training for those in management positions or those with leadership potential.

There are enough reasons to believe that we have the opportunity, dream and striving in Rigen Biotech!