Product Engineer
Technology Department


1. Clinical experiment operation and other relevant form records.

2. Register the experiment operation and experiment records.

3. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. 2-3 years of NGS experiment operation experience is required.

2. Bachelor degree or above, majori n biopharmaceutical.

Product technician
Technology Department


1. Clinical experiment operation and other relevant form records.

2. Register the experiment operation and experiment records.

3. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. 1 year of PCR experiment operation experience is required, and ngs or qPCR operation experience is preferred.

2. College degree or above, majoring in biopharmaceutical.

Medical Department


1. provide medical support for internal projects of the medical department, including medical logic review of data list, medical review of patient data, medical analysis of relevant results, and assist the clinical big data team to complete the delivery of results;

2. prepare documents related to clinical research, draft documents during the project, and timely communicate and coordinate with relevant departments;

3. establish a regional KOL and speaker database, formulate development plans, and conduct regular academic visits and communication;

4. regularly communicate with the responsible regional sales department, timely understand the demand and competition, help solve the academic needs or objections encountered in daily work, and cooperate to achieve product goals;

5. participate in planning new product positioning, have a good grasp of domestic and foreign industry trends, and be responsible for internal and external medical content training;

6. as the representative of the medical team, he is responsible for the conception, scheme writing, result analysis and thesis writing of external scientific research cooperation projects in cooperation with the scientific team;

7. other medical support work in collaboration with internal teams.

Job requirements:

1. major in clinical medicine, genetics, molecular biology, genomics, etc., master degree or above;

2. have an understanding of clinical practice, knowledge in the field of tumor diseases and relevant laws and regulations;

3. the supervisor shall have more than 3 years of working experience; More than 5 years working experience as manager;

4. have knowledge of new developments in cancer genomics and targeted therapy, and have strong scientific research writing ability;

5. have strong executive ability and adaptability, and be able to complete all work tasks on time and with high quality.

6. those who have held similar positions in mature enterprises are preferred.

Resident technical support Shanghai Huashan and Renji Hospital
Technology Department


1. Routine sample detection in resident hospitals, mainly nucleic acid extraction and qPCR. In the future, there will be ngs, so it is necessary to independently plan and arrange experiments and complete molecular biology experiments in strict accordance with standard procedures;

2.Sample detection, preliminary analysis of results, data processing and solving simple experimental problems, make timely and truthful experimental records and regularly summarize and feed back;

3. Establishing a good cooperative relationship with hospital teachers, collecting customer suggestions, opinions, complaints and needs, and giving timely feedback;

4. Collect competitor information and give feedback regularly;

5. Assist the sales personnel to explain the technical problems before sales and provide after-sales technical support to promote the quantity increase;

6. Company's training and assessment.

Job requirements:

1. More than one year of working experience in hospital is preferred, having PCR work license is preferred, and excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable;

2. Strong experimental operation ability, familiar with molecular detection technology, especially qPCR and ngs;

3. Skillfully operate the necessary molecular experimental instruments and equipment, and skillfully use the conventional office software;

4. Outgoing, united with colleagues, strong communication skills, willing to obey the company's arrangement, and able to adapt to the hospital or third-party environment;

5. Work actively and seriously, with strong pressure resistance.

Technical support
Technology Department


1. Responsible for pre-sale and after-sale technical support of company products;

2. Responsible for the daily technical services and clinical testing of the cooperative hospital;

3. Promote the standardization of molecular testing and assist regional customers to successfully complete inter-room quality control, laboratory quality evaluation and other activities;

4. Responsible for the collection of test information and related competitive product information;

5. Responsible for the maintenance of customer relations in the area;

6. Responsible for product knowledge training;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in majors related to biotechnology or medical testing;

2. Those skilled in PCR, first-generation sequencing, second-generation sequencing and other technologies are preferred;

3. Possess good interpersonal communication skills and teamwork spirit, proactive, passionate and responsible;

4. Possess strong communication and service awareness, able to assist the supervisor to maintain customer relations.

Bioinformatics engineer
Bioinformatics Department


1. Set up the framework, process and specification of the bioinformatics analysis, optimize the existing bioinformatics analysis process, improve the operating efficiency of gene mutation detection (annotation) process, and improve the standardization and automation of bioinformatics analysis process;

2. Responsible for designing and developing bioinformatics database, collecting, screening, sorting, analyzing and mining data, including analysis of gene mutation and expression, mutation annotation;

3. Work closely with the R&D team to participate in the new product development;

4. Perform biological interpretation of data results and provide technical support to the project execution team;

5. Track the frontier trends, propose new technical directions, and complete the development of new technological processes.

Job requirements:

1. Major in bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, etc.;

2. Master degree or above, more than 2 years’experience in high-throughput sequencing data analysis;

3. Familiar with bioinformatics and biostatistics, familiar with bioinformatics database website of university, proficient in Unix or Linux system, proficient in programming languages such as Perl, Python or C/C++, Java, familiar with R language;

4. Good English reading and writing skills;

5. Experience in leading a bioinformatics team is preferred;

6. Experience in product development is preferred;

7. Representative academic articles and patents are preferred;

8. Strong logical thinking, leadership and teamwork.